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If you’re thinking about getting married at LMC – first of all let us offer you congratulations on your forthcoming marriage.

Leatherhead Methodist Church is registered with the General Register office to conduct marriages for same sex and mixed sex couples.

If you are interested in exploring getting married at LMC, please make contact with us to arrange to visit the church and have a conversation with our minister.

(Email: or use our Contact page)


What is Christian Marriage?

A marriage is a public expression of mutuality, love, commitment and companionship that is to be anticipated as it approaches, celebrated when it comes, and lived out in life together throughout your married lives.

In Christian marriage, this public expression of loving commitment is expressed in the presence of God, within an act of worship.

 Do I have to be a Methodist to be married at LMC?

The Methodist Church welcomes everyone, whether or not a member, who enquires about an intended marriage in any of its places of worship. All are welcome to explore holding their marriage ceremony at LMC.

I’ve been divorced, does that mean I can’t get married in a church?

No, being divorced does not prevent you from exploring being married in a Methodist place of worship.

 What does it cost?

The total cost of a marriage is dependent on the exact package you require, as this can be made up of fees for minister, musician, stewards and the premise. The cost would usually start from around £300.

Can we have flowers and decorate the church?

Yes – you can provide your own flowers and decorations. As the church is used throughout the week, we would have to plan a mutually appropriate time for this to be done in advance of the service – often the morning of the wedding, or the evening the day before.

Can we show pictures or play a video?

Yes, the Church has a well developed audio visual system allowing us to show pictures and videos, and play music through the system. Please note that when playing music, we may have to ensure that the appropriate licences are in place to play them, as the church is a public building.

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