When someone dies there can be many emotions we feel – which can depend on our own characters and personality, and the nature of the death of our loved one.

Every person is a unique individual, and we believe that funerals should hold within them that uniqueness, Giving thanks to God for the lives of our loved ones, and holding one another in grief. A funeral led by our minister, either at LMC, or at a crematorium, would include prayers, scripture readings and an address.

If you are interested in holding a funeral at Leatherhead Methodist Church, or asking our minister to conduct a service at a crematorium and/or graveside, you can do so either by contacting our church office via the Contact tab at the top of this screen.  If you have enlisted the services of a funeral director, they may make contact with us for you


What does it cost?

The total cost of a funeral is dependent on the exact package you require, as this can be made up of fees for minister, musician, stewards and the premise.

  • The ministers fee for leading a funeral at the crematorium is £200.
  • A funeral at the church, with a methodist minister, would expect to have a starting cost of around £300.

Can we choose songs or readings?

Yes. We work with you to shape a service that is appropriate for you and your loved ones, including songs and readings. We can offer support and suggestions if these are helpful.

Can we show pictures or play a video?

Yes, the Church has a well developed audio visual system allowing us to show pictures and videos, and play music through the system. Please note that when playing music, we may have to ensure that the appropriate licences are in place to play them, as the church is a public building.

My loved one was not a Methodist – can a Methodist minister lead a funeral or can a service be held at LMC?

Yes, there is no requirement for someone to have been a Methodist for a funeral to be held at LMC, or led by a Methodist Minister.

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