Hall hire

We have extensive premises that are available for hire for events or regular meetings. The building has modern kitchen facilities, and rooms of various sizes to suit different numbers of people. There is also a variety of chairs and tables to accommodate both adults and children. We have space for between 4 and 5 cars in the adjacent car park, and there is adequate parking within walking distance for additional vehicles. There is wheelchair access from the car park area into most of the premises, and accessible toilet facilities.

If you wish to find out more, then please ring the Church Office on 01372 855110 on Tuesday or Thursday mornings, or please use the form at the bottom of this page and we will contact you.

Here are some views of the various rooms that are available:

Main church – seating for about 100 people, equipped with audio-visual equipment. Its access is at the same level as the car park, and it is equipped with lectern, acoustic piano, electronic keyboards and drums.
Lower hall – seating for 30 to 40 people, equipped with a wall mounted AV screen. Its access is at the same level as the car park, with easy access for disabled visitors.
Upper hall – accommodates up to 80 people. Its access is up a flight of stairs from the car park level.
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