We want as many people as possible to be able to use this website.

However, we appreciate that some will have difficulties in navigating with a mouse, or in reading the variety of information that we provide.

There are some aids which can enhance your experience in visiting the website.

We have adjusted the website colours as recommended by the British Dyslexia Association. Although we appreciate that there can be many conditions which can inhibit page reading.

There are settings within the web browsers that can change the magnification of characters on the screen. It can also modify the facilities for navigation. These facilities can be found in the “Settings” for the browser.

It is possible to interact with most of the website using a screen reader.

.  The following are screen readers which are good for blind and partially sighted clients. Both of these products are free of charge.

      NVDA            screen reader for windows PCs   ( downloaded for each client )

     VoiceOver    screen reader for Apple operating systems  ( and included in them )

Most operating systems have their own accessibility options included, so they can be used in addition to the products above.

Our online services can be viewed by deaf, or hard of hearing clients, by touching the bottom of the video window, whilst the video is running and selecting CC. This will invoke “Closed Captions”, commonly called subtitles. This will display the spoken words in text across the bottom of the video window.

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