Leatherhead Methodist Church



We were prepared to be delighted, overwhelmed, saddened and thrilled by the music and lyrics of the story of Easter, told through music and song, and we were not disappointed

"This Man: A Modern Oratorio", was first created for children by Anne de Waal, who was asked to write something for a musical Easter celebration.

The first song,‘Riding on a Donkey’ was born and the Oratorio began to take shape. Finding that the music was so enjoyed by audiences, Anne and her husband Dana further developed it for adult choirs.

They performed it at LMC on 6 April 2019, and brought with them a wonderful choir, made up of members of several choirs that are run by Anne and Dana in Derbyshire.

We were delighted that Angela Hancocks from our London Road Church, was a leading soloist, singing the part of Mary.




An enthusiastic audience were pleased to listen and view this modern oratorio, which had many contemporary styles of music, as well as classically written pieces within it.