Leatherhead Methodist Church



Extravagant Love 2018

The churches of Leatherhead combined to produce an event of Extravagant Love for the people in Leatherhead Town Centre. We wanted to share God's love at this Easter Time, and bless the people of Leatherhead.

We had music, a prayer tree, and a prayer tent.

We gave away plants, sweets, cookies and balloons for children, along with the Easter story and details of our Easter services in the town.


Many thanks to Malcolm Pymm for the photographs

What a joyful occasion!

One of the regular stallholders said "Did you see what the churches did this afternoon, playing music and giving stuff away, wishing everyone a Happy Easter from the churches? In this day and age with all the negative news or everyone wanting something from you, it was really nice and refreshing!"

Another person came up to thank the churches - saying what a brilliant thing for the churches to do outside their buildings!